Living the ordinary in an extra-ordinary world.


“ But the whole premise of terrorism is to try to disrupt people’s ordinary lives. ” 

The above comment was made from American President Barrack Obama this week as he went and watched a baseball game directly following the Brussels airport attack. This got me questioning what this statement is really communicating to us?

I questioned what even is an ordinary life Obama?

Is an ordinary life one where we stay as self secure and comfortable as possible so we do not have to deal with the realities of the world ? Where we distract ourselves to the point of numbing out from how we feel and what’s really going on? Where we carry on with our duties in a functional manner ignoring everything else around us? Where we have created a bubble of lifestyle choices that ensures we do not appear to get affected by what is going on over the next door neighbours fence little less in the next town, city, country, cosmos.

Where in our lives do we choose irresponsibility over responsibility under the guise of entertainment? Is it possible entertainment in many cases has become a fancy name to say ‘not now reality?’

Bang. That was the sound of someone killing themselves.

Honey can you pass the chips…

I’m sorry to tell you, but you have stage 3 cancer.

Maaaate, how about the game on the weekend! Doggies got up there…

123 dead and many more missing

Have you seen what she was wearing OMG…

I have heart disease and it is going to affect my abilty to work, we may need to sell the house to afford medical bills

Let’s go on a cruise ship around the world for a few months, get away from it all…

Crack is rapidly destroying my life

It was $100 a bottle, crack it open and let’s party like there is no tomorrow…

She is only 12 years old and ended up in hospital from serious self -harm

What’s on the box tonight luv, do we have any ice-cream left…?

I am so anxious I can’t even leave the house to buy groceries anymore.

Did you hear the new I phone is due to come out?

Your worthless and just like your mother

Another person just died of suicide around the world. Every 40 seconds another and another and another and another…

I feel so rejected and pathetic all the time

How many likes did I get?

I feel lonely and I don’t feel connected to my kids

Pop another Xanax…

So this may be an unusual way of presenting a point, and perhaps a bit confronting, but Obamas comment had me questioning: How many times do we feel something, or something happens that needs addressing, and we choose to distract ourselves and not feel it? Where we go and entertain ourselves, go to the movies, surfing, running, shopping, engage in emotional dramas, busy ourselves, eat food, drink, take drugs, enter a relationship, even have a baby, do anything and everything to avoid feel what is really going on for us, others and the state of our shared world.

When we hear from the world health organisation in a recent 2015 statement that 95% of the world are in illness and disease, how do we feel about this?

How do we feel about our current lived reality? And the state of our internal and external environment?

Are we all aware that:

1 person dying of suicide every 40 seconds, which is predicted to rise to every 20 seconds in the near future.

1 in 2 will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

1 in 11 people have diabetes and it is predicted 11 will soon become 10.

An estimated 12.6 million people dies as a result of living or working in an unhealthy environment in 2012 – nearly 1 in 4 of total global deaths. 

An estimated 17.5 million people dies from Cardio Vascular Diseases in 2012, representing 31% of all global deaths.

Around 20% of the worlds children and adolescents have mental disorders and problems.

And the list goes on, and on and on. It doesn’t stop.

Our world today literally has a billion and one issues and ill conditions. And the thing is these are only a few of the big ones… And it’s actually getting worse and more intense each day. We haven’t even touched on relationship issues, nor the fact that it is estimated 160 billion people have died in war during the 20th century alone.

That is utterly insane.


So this blog doesn’t become a big rant that comes across like a feisty picketer at the steps of parliament…

It is simply to address and question: What is it about our current way of life that has us capable of ignoring the reality we are living in?  In a world whereby each year we get sicker, and more worn torn and separated between us all?

Can we bring any amount of understanding to something that doesn’t make any sense?

We live in a world where we can be ordinary in deed. ‘Carry on Obama’ Play ball or stop the War… Which one would you choose if you were president?

So…what are our ordinary lives full of when all this is going on?

Are our lives self serving or are they to support all equally and lovingly?

We know we can grow up, learn skills, get an education, get a job, get a car, have kids, go shopping, go to sports games, exercise, have dinners, go on holidays… For others ordinary maybe working 7 days a week on a farm, in a busy city, for others it maybe loading a gun and fighting on the streets?

What is our ordinary in an extra – ordinary world?

An extra ordinary world whereby, where ever we are, what ever we do, who ever we know, or don’t know we are all unified under the one umbrella of stars, we are all warmed by the same bright hot sun, we are all cleansed by the rains, swept clear with the winds, graced with the sounds of nature, offered an off the dial out of this world simply divine sense of beauty, stillness, harmony, and wow in nature, consistently every second of every 24 hour cycle day.

Yet what do we choose within this harmonious sphere of life?

Are we living in a way that is in honour of ourselves like nature is reflecting to us all day everyday?

Not really…

How come?

Why do we choose recklessness over love?

Why do we choose disregard over self-care and the care of others?

Why do we choose abuse when we are not born abusive?

Who and what is running the show if this does not make sense?

What is our lesson in this extra-ordinary world?

Is it about time we started asking the big questions?

The ones that may have us get a sense that the Universe we are living within may hold a few keys for us to connect to and learn from…

What would happen if we chose to learn from our extra-ordinary world?

Is it possible this is actually the true game we want to see and all be part of?

The one where Love Wins.


A blog inspired by Serge Benhayon, The Way of the Livingness and Universal Medicine.






One thought on “Living the ordinary in an extra-ordinary world.

  1. A truly great sharing, Emilia, I love how you have expressed what is a very important point of view.

    Why indeed do we choose to distract ourselves from the big issues in the world? Do we feel we just can’t do anything about it, being a single person? But if we all did what you have done here, and speak honestly and openly about it, giving much food for thought, maybe many others would also build the courage to express as you have done.

    It is time that we all pointed out how we distract ourselves with all the distractions and entertainments that you have listed, plus many more. How about we begin to take responsibility for speaking out as you have done. It is amazing what can happen when many people start to speak out the truth. Good for you in doing so.


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