Setting fire to the world. The purpose of education part 2.



So where on earth is a title like this going to take us?


The feeling I have to begin is this.

Consider a wall with bill posters all over it, layer after layer of bill posters. All trying to say something, sell something, project something, display something. Bright colours, big images, bold text, hooky slogans… Now I have the feeling as I write this blog, like take both hands and take them all down. Enjoy pulling them all off, all of them, every last one. Clean slate. Fresh start.

So… as you step back to gain perspective and appreciate your work,  you may feel like you can clearly see without being told what to see, you are left to be.

Now I have the feeling of handing you a match.

Yep a match.

Why a match?

Because as I was walking this morning I was considering all of the corruption in the world, all the mistruth, all the dishonesty, all the abuse, all of the harshness, the anger, the war, the revenge, the complication, the holding back, the not living our true selves…

Yep. Just a casual walk 🙂

But at the same time I was walking in a very open beautiful space along side a running creek, tall trees, amazing bird life, people with their dogs talking and connecting. I was questioning to myself. What is with our parallel worlds in the one world?

How come we can live in a world with so much love yet so much of the opposite at the same time?

What does this say about the choices we make individually and collectively in humanity?

What does this say about the quality of choices we make in each moment?

And what source even provides us these two vastly different qualities of choices?

Feel free to ponder on these questions while we bring it back to the match in your hand.

A match that represents fire, truth and love.

Now given the choice to set-fire to the world, whereby you know that everything that is not fire, truth and love was going to burn down.

Would you spark it up?

What would go down?

What would burn to the ground?

It’s a big list isn’t it…?

Perhaps a little too big.

Shall we attempt to go there?

Let’s start with the big guns.

Let’s start with guns, war and everything that comes with war. Death, murder, injury, harm, separation, desolation, decimation, sadness, hurt, anger, revenge, fury, homelessness, orphans, famine, displacement, amputeeism, disease, pain, mental health issues… The list goes on with war alone.

Now how about the big C… corruption?

Where do we start with corruption, that is rife in every country around the world?

How about every dodgy deal that government has ever made that is for self gain and not the evolution of all people equally? Actually how about any choice we make that is for self gain. How about we burn down corporate greed & shonky business deals… and importantly how about we burn down our ability to stay silent as we observe or perhaps turn a blind eye to all of the corruption in the world, including charity.

Yep. we went there. How many charities are there in the world today that are making millions and millions of dollars, swindling it away, whilst putting it into corrupt research, that to date has not made much of a blip to the state of our impoverished world nor the current state of escalating illness and disease?

What else would turn to ashes?

We can go there with the big ones easily…

War, corruption, greed, abuse, violence, racism, sexism, homophobia, abuse in the catholic church, separative religious groups, slavery, sex trade, people smuggling, military services, bribery in government/international trade/business, media, journalism, drug trade, lack of enforcement of environmental regulations, mining, poverty…So much corruption in so many areas of our life and world! And the list could run for pages in detail.

But what about everything that is not fire, truth and love in the detail of our lives? Those big ones don’t always hit home enough. As often they are not in our backyard… So meh. What’s it matter to me. Doesn’t effect my life. Carry on. Functioning as usual, allowing abuse to continue.

Why is it we often wait until our own child or someone close to us is bullied, hurt, sick or even killed that we choose to do something to raise awareness about the injustices, the inequalities, the need to support people. Why do we wait for something to personally strike us before we stand up for what we feel to be true? And only then do we initiate various foundations, organisations to raise money and awareness of an issue.

This is always interesting that we in society do this. We wait to big events to rock us until we are shaken into action. We see it all the time. Terrorist attacks, natural disasters, someone sick in our family , school, work or community. It is like it has to take something that seems directly in our face to make a change and come together.


Why do we wait for issues or even disaster to strike before we make changes?

Why wait for fire to make a change?

Why wait for floods to unite us?

Why wait for winds to clean the floor so to speak?

Why wait for our earth to rumble and shake us out of our comfort zones and divides?

What if we chose to make a true foundation today?

Yep. Today.

What would it stand for?

What would our foundation want to raise awareness for?

  • The fact that suicide is now 40 people a day around our world killing themselves, why?
  • Would it be to say hey people, cancer is killing us, why?
  • Diabetes is buckling our health system and is at epidemic proportions and still rising, why?
  • Or that heart disease is the biggest killer in our world, why?
  • What about the fact that we still have slavery and child trafficking today, seriously why?
  • Are we starting a foundation because domestic violence and violence against women is also getting out of control, why?
  • Or young peoples mental health is declining at earlier and earlier ages and more young people are self harming, maybe we should raise awareness about that, why?

What is our foundation?

What do we truly care about?

Is it possible that to bring true change to our global foundation we first have to live a very solid, dedicated, purposeful one ourselves?

What I mean by this for example is: How on earth do we expect our global foundation to go well, even with all the money in the world when we do not ourselves live the very foundation we want to see and bring to our day, to our lives personally and in respect to the all. Like really. With all the billions that have been put into all of the charities, organisations, foundations globally, how come as a society we are getting sicker and more out of balance?

We gotta look at that one… seriously.

So…we all know we innately we want to live in a loving, caring, harmonious world. That is a pretty basic common place to start. Yet the thing is, people now days would probably even argue that this is a utopian ideal. That living in a loving, caring, harmonious world is far fetched and can’t exist.

Yet I say, take your match and set light to the world and see what is left standing. 

Considering all that was ever chosen for self and not all others equally will burn. Now we stand as ourselves,  with humanity in the divine beauty of nature. Nothing else is imposing on us. Nobody is identified by the country they were born, because nationalism does not exist in truth. Separation between religion does not exist in truth as we are all equally love. God would never divvy us up into man hating individuals. God holds all equally.

So as we stand now, as equal sons of God in nature.

Like on my walk…surrounded by the infinite beauty that is nature. Where the sound of every bird whistle is unique. Where the myriad of different greens of the grass, trees, shrubs allows you to feel a sense of balance and calm, where the sun on your back warms you and has you surrender any tension within, as you melt into the stillness of your own body, where all worries and stresses seem to be carried away, and we are left together to simply be and feel as one. As one collective group of equal people. A knowing that is seen in the light of the eyes in one another.

What is our next step when our game has been exposed?

When the destructive, derogatory, disregarding way we were living has been wiped clear.

Where we are left with a body that holds no separation between another.

No hate, no anger, no sadness, no jealousy, no comparison, no harshness, no brutality, no abuse, no fight, no fear, no rage, no worry, no critic, no derogatory ways, no harm what’s so ever.

Simply love, truth, harmony, joy and the knowing that we are all in this equally together. Where we have returned to a natural state of being. Like the feeling we get when being with children and a new born baby. Where innocence and preciousness has been restored.

What is our next step when the choice to love or harm are so clear.

What do we choose?

What do we choose to put into our foundation, knowing that our next step is either going to heal or harm, unite or separate?

Is it possible, when we allow ourselves even a moment to consider, no matter how up the creek we are in humanity, there is always a very pure essence that remains within.

We were never born fighting, killing, abusive, greedy, selfish, angry.

We were born with a sense of innocence and tenderness.

Is it possible as we return to a place of feeling that our world is all that already. Nature is all that already, chirping away all day, waiting for us to re-connect to the very fact that harmony, stillness, love, surrounds us everyday. It is actually within us.

We are that love.

We were born that way.

So why on earth choose anything less?

Is it possible with this great responsibility and awareness about our choices when we wipe the slate clear for even a moment, we can now stand back, re-gain perspective, seeing clearly we have posted our world with all sorts of junk, and we have a united clean up job to do.

No biggy 🙂

Many hands make light work 🙂

Working together to clear up our world will be an amazing learning, it will be a joy to get to know each other, we can ask each other why we never connected earlier, why we didn’t choose to learn from our repeated mistakes earlier, like thousands of years earlier? Why we resisted responsibility for sooo long, why we avoided speaking our truth and being our true selves.

Why did we avoid our inevitable evolution?

Why wait for a mass fire to clear the way for us to live a common sense way?

We can choose a loving way today.

A true global foundation well worth investing in.

Isn’t this true education? And the purpose of education? One where we take our skills, our talents, and we put them to true use. Where we bring all of our unique qualities to the table, to our homes, jobs, lives in what ever capacity and we commit to brotherhood.

Yes, brotherhood in the true sense.

Where we live connected to our essence, the essence that knows us for the beauty, love, care, grace, tenderness, preciousness, smiley, playful, silly, humorous, wise, knowledgable, knowing, delicate, glorious, honouring, knowing, joyful, light, nurturing, powerful, sacred, still, purposeful, understanding, compassionate, deep, committed, confident… being and so much more.

As we nurture our innate qualities.

Is it possible this is living edu-care. Where we live the care we are, and bring out all that is within already. Learning from our bodies every communication, whereby we honour ourselves to the bone. Where we deeply respect and cherish our relationships with one another, our workplaces, nature, and life generally. Allowing no gaps in between, as we are purposefully committed and dedicated to a solid foundation. One that is going to support and sustain humanity to move forward and truly evolve together.

Living the true purpose of Edu-care today.












Living the ordinary in an extra-ordinary world.


“ But the whole premise of terrorism is to try to disrupt people’s ordinary lives. ” 

The above comment was made from American President Barrack Obama this week as he went and watched a baseball game directly following the Brussels airport attack. This got me questioning what this statement is really communicating to us?

I questioned what even is an ordinary life Obama?

Is an ordinary life one where we stay as self secure and comfortable as possible so we do not have to deal with the realities of the world ? Where we distract ourselves to the point of numbing out from how we feel and what’s really going on? Where we carry on with our duties in a functional manner ignoring everything else around us? Where we have created a bubble of lifestyle choices that ensures we do not appear to get affected by what is going on over the next door neighbours fence little less in the next town, city, country, cosmos.

Where in our lives do we choose irresponsibility over responsibility under the guise of entertainment? Is it possible entertainment in many cases has become a fancy name to say ‘not now reality?’

Bang. That was the sound of someone killing themselves.

Honey can you pass the chips…

I’m sorry to tell you, but you have stage 3 cancer.

Maaaate, how about the game on the weekend! Doggies got up there…

123 dead and many more missing

Have you seen what she was wearing OMG…

I have heart disease and it is going to affect my abilty to work, we may need to sell the house to afford medical bills

Let’s go on a cruise ship around the world for a few months, get away from it all…

Crack is rapidly destroying my life

It was $100 a bottle, crack it open and let’s party like there is no tomorrow…

She is only 12 years old and ended up in hospital from serious self -harm

What’s on the box tonight luv, do we have any ice-cream left…?

I am so anxious I can’t even leave the house to buy groceries anymore.

Did you hear the new I phone is due to come out?

Your worthless and just like your mother

Another person just died of suicide around the world. Every 40 seconds another and another and another and another…

I feel so rejected and pathetic all the time

How many likes did I get?

I feel lonely and I don’t feel connected to my kids

Pop another Xanax…

So this may be an unusual way of presenting a point, and perhaps a bit confronting, but Obamas comment had me questioning: How many times do we feel something, or something happens that needs addressing, and we choose to distract ourselves and not feel it? Where we go and entertain ourselves, go to the movies, surfing, running, shopping, engage in emotional dramas, busy ourselves, eat food, drink, take drugs, enter a relationship, even have a baby, do anything and everything to avoid feel what is really going on for us, others and the state of our shared world.

When we hear from the world health organisation in a recent 2015 statement that 95% of the world are in illness and disease, how do we feel about this?

How do we feel about our current lived reality? And the state of our internal and external environment?

Are we all aware that:

1 person dying of suicide every 40 seconds, which is predicted to rise to every 20 seconds in the near future.

1 in 2 will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

1 in 11 people have diabetes and it is predicted 11 will soon become 10.

An estimated 12.6 million people dies as a result of living or working in an unhealthy environment in 2012 – nearly 1 in 4 of total global deaths. 

An estimated 17.5 million people dies from Cardio Vascular Diseases in 2012, representing 31% of all global deaths.

Around 20% of the worlds children and adolescents have mental disorders and problems.

And the list goes on, and on and on. It doesn’t stop.

Our world today literally has a billion and one issues and ill conditions. And the thing is these are only a few of the big ones… And it’s actually getting worse and more intense each day. We haven’t even touched on relationship issues, nor the fact that it is estimated 160 billion people have died in war during the 20th century alone.

That is utterly insane.


So this blog doesn’t become a big rant that comes across like a feisty picketer at the steps of parliament…

It is simply to address and question: What is it about our current way of life that has us capable of ignoring the reality we are living in?  In a world whereby each year we get sicker, and more worn torn and separated between us all?

Can we bring any amount of understanding to something that doesn’t make any sense?

We live in a world where we can be ordinary in deed. ‘Carry on Obama’ Play ball or stop the War… Which one would you choose if you were president?

So…what are our ordinary lives full of when all this is going on?

Are our lives self serving or are they to support all equally and lovingly?

We know we can grow up, learn skills, get an education, get a job, get a car, have kids, go shopping, go to sports games, exercise, have dinners, go on holidays… For others ordinary maybe working 7 days a week on a farm, in a busy city, for others it maybe loading a gun and fighting on the streets?

What is our ordinary in an extra – ordinary world?

An extra ordinary world whereby, where ever we are, what ever we do, who ever we know, or don’t know we are all unified under the one umbrella of stars, we are all warmed by the same bright hot sun, we are all cleansed by the rains, swept clear with the winds, graced with the sounds of nature, offered an off the dial out of this world simply divine sense of beauty, stillness, harmony, and wow in nature, consistently every second of every 24 hour cycle day.

Yet what do we choose within this harmonious sphere of life?

Are we living in a way that is in honour of ourselves like nature is reflecting to us all day everyday?

Not really…

How come?

Why do we choose recklessness over love?

Why do we choose disregard over self-care and the care of others?

Why do we choose abuse when we are not born abusive?

Who and what is running the show if this does not make sense?

What is our lesson in this extra-ordinary world?

Is it about time we started asking the big questions?

The ones that may have us get a sense that the Universe we are living within may hold a few keys for us to connect to and learn from…

What would happen if we chose to learn from our extra-ordinary world?

Is it possible this is actually the true game we want to see and all be part of?

The one where Love Wins.


A blog inspired by Serge Benhayon, The Way of the Livingness and Universal Medicine.






What is the purpose of education? Part 1.


It’s a great question to ask ourselves as we may possibly take a moment to reflect on our entire lives, our children’s lives and all of those who are yet to come into the world to learn about life and our purpose within it. No biggy 🙂

This question may even prompt us to consider, ‘if and how education has changed over the years?’ And I’m talking right back… thousands of years when philosophers including Plato taught about this very subject in such a way that still offers such insight for us all to this very day.

Having said that what even defines education? We can’t respond to the question, ‘what is the purpose of education?’ when we are not super clear on what education even is to us.

Like really…

It is worth taking a moment to ponder, as it is possible our responses have been shaped & even limited based on what we have been told education is.

For example:

Is ones relationship with ‘getting an education’ determined by attending years of school or University?

Do we need a certificate and our portrait taken in a graduation gown to confirm our status as ‘educated?’

Does our education cease when we are no longer enrolled in an education system?

What about all of the people in the world who never get the opportunity to go to school?

“It is estimated almost 70 million children across the world are prevented from going to school each day.”

Does this mean they are not educated or privy to life’s lessons?

Let’s Google the 2016 definition of education shall we…

Oxford states:

– The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction. Especially at a school or university.

– The theory and practice of teaching

– A body of knowledge acquired while being educated

Now let’s search educate and see if there is a difference?

– Give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to (someone, especially a child), typically at a school or university

– Provide or pay for instruction for (one’s child,) especially at a school.

– Give (someone) training in or information on a particular field

I wonder what the etymology of the word educate even is? Because reading the above definitions from my lived experience as a student who has been through the primary, secondary and university system, to now whereby I am a qualified primary school teacher, I feel this definition falls far, far, far (I can’t emphasise this enough!) short of it’s true meaning in it’s entirety. It is this very strong knowing of ‘there is more to it’ ‘there is way more to education’ than a teacher teaching skills and passing on knowledge (to children) in a school or university.

I recognise the importance of asking this question simply because, so often words have a way of being reinterpreted over time. It’s like playing Chinese whispers with the truth and never bothering to go back to the original source to seek the truth once again. We see this so clearly with the big ones like religion, love and God. Gosh people even go to war over these words, defending their interpreted version over another.

Given that a bastadisation of the true meaning of words is so commonly the case, whereby we have a world filled with millions of people all spouting out and living their separate versions of what they claim to be the truth and the way. Then we can see it is more than possible this has occurred for the word education? And if this is so, how fragmented has the word education become from the whole truth and the original purpose it first came from?

In knowing how words get interpreted and re-intrepeted, that in effect influence the quality of how people live, speak, move, connect, don’t connect… let’s see what comes up when we search the origin of the word educate … click.

Wow, so interesting.

The Latin meaning of the word of education is edu-care. There are a number of words that are commonly used to describe edu-care including: to bring forth, to draw out, to support and to nurture the growth of.

Gosh, reading those few simple words alone feels so very different from the modern day definition, and this is only scratching the surface of the origins of the word education and all it beautifully offers us.

Now, for the sake of writing a blog that is not a million words long, as I am getting the bursting sense there is so much to write on this one word alone. The purpose of Part 1 specifically of this blog is to simply offer the question:

What is the purpose of education?

And does this purpose change when we ask

What is the purpose of edu-care?

When we consider… and possibly re-consider what the truth of this question is asking of us today, is it possible we will be reminded of the essence of the word education, and how nurturing and bringing out all that is there within, is a system that will truly develop us for life, not just a career.




Understanding Suicide today.


The rising rates of suicide in Australia has been labelled a national emergency by the Lifeline CEO this week, after an interview on ABC News. According to statistics suicide has hit a record high after new figures reveal it has become the leading cause of premature death with eight people taking their lives each day.

This is outrageous and alarming to say the least, yet as bold as this may be, my feeling is, eight Australians a day is going to continue to rise as it has been for the past ten years if we remain living and responding to suicide in the same way we are today.

Why is it that even one person takes their own life ever, little less eight per day?

This is an essential question we must ask ourselves and truthfully address, as there is a fundamental understanding that needs to take place between the ages of birth and when someone commits suicide. Because clearly no child is born with the intention to self harm. No toddler is attempting to hang, shoot or gas themselves nor jump off a bridge.

What happens over the years that lead a person to such thoughts and actions?

What is it about the way we are living with ourselves, in our relationships, in our families, with our colleagues, with our friends and people generally right around the world where our world is one that people do not want to be a part of it anymore?

What world are we creating that successfully generates rising numbers of people killing themselves?

Pete Shmigel the CEO of lifeline highlights in his statement there is a disconnection, isolation and loneliness in our society that is contributing to why so many people take their own lives. Mr Shmigel continues to question the role of social media, our education and value systems, as he calls us to work hard to understand the causes of suicide.

So are we really willing to go there? Are we willing to truly see how our current systems are or are not supporting us to honestly deal with why people are in crisis and taking their own lives… we have to don’t we?

Perhaps not. I guess if the issue of suicide is not directly affecting us or someone close to us then it is easy to ignore and remain complacent. It is easier to leave it all up to politicians, teachers, social workers, support and emergency services. They can deal with this national emergency, it’s their job right?

Or is this where we are going so gravely wrong as a society, independently and as a collective race of beings.  We are not living and expressing in a way that supports ourselves and others to feel truly connected to, deeply loved, cared for, nurtured, supported, included, valued, honoured, confirmed, cherished and appreciated.

We seem to be progressively allowing an increase of self abuse, by the very fact we see drinking alcohol (a known poison) and taking drugs an acceptable way to treat our own bodies, often defending that we need a drink to unwind, relax and connect with people.

From my lived experience working with young men and women whom have spoken to me about suicide, about the fact they are hearing voices, about the reasons why they are finding life so hard and not worth living, that they are thinking of killing themselves, that they can’t stop the thoughts that keep telling them how useless and pathetic they are, that they don’t know how to be in the world without smoking drugs, is always a moment of WOW.

Why? Because firstly they have no idea how beautiful they are.

How on earth did I just go from suicidal thoughts to you are beautiful. So easily.

For example: It was only recently I said to an amazing young woman who was having a rough time how beautiful she was. She said to me no body has ever said that to me. And the thing is, this is a young girl who has been ‘through the system’ you could say. Having had many workers support her in crisis, including psychologists, councillors, social workers, teachers, cat teams you name it. Yet even though this young woman has had so many people come and go from her life offering support, never had she heard those simple words.

How on earth is it that we hold back the very expression that people are so desperate to hear? And in this case the screaming obvious.

Is it not common sense to express love when someone is feeling a lack of love in their lives and outright communicating that?

Is it possible in the case of suicide we have become so focused on strategies to minimise harm and keep a person safe that we have left out what the person is truly calling for?

Why do we continuously go for the solutions, the ‘distraction techniques’ the ‘let’s keep you busy’ ‘the trying to fix it’ solution orientated way, rather than the essence of the person, whereby we truly express the love and care that is there to express all the time, everyday with ourselves and one another? Why do we wait for National emergencies to be shaken into considering change.

Now this is never to dismiss our duty of care in a crisis, nor is this to reject that naturally there are systems in place to keep people safe and away from immediate harm of themselves in crisis situations. I am simply highlighting there is so much more we can do to prevent suicide.

Suicide prevention starts much earlier than the moment of crisis. It starts the day we are born.

I have seen too many amazing young people think to end their lives because of a sense of loneliness, insecurities, lack of self-worth and sense of self, to skim over this call out from Mr Schmigel. Particularly as I have experience in this area and an understanding into the cause of suicidal ideation and suicide.

The way I see it is that our systems are failing us. Big time. Including our education system. And I’m a teacher saying this. Yet the thing is, we are the education system. And I’m not talking about having to work or study at school specifically. I am talking about life and the planet we live within as a race of beings. I am talking about the school of life we all live within everyday, every year as we rotate around the sun, provided another opportunity to learn from the past and move forward into the future with greater clarity, understanding and united purpose.

And the thing is by the time you stop reading this post it is likely many more have killed themselves as one person takes their own lives every 40 seconds around our world.

So what are we going to choose?

To carry on turning a blind eye to what’s going on in our own backyard, or begin to take full responsibility for the quality in which we live, with ourselves and others? Knowing that in our every expression and move we have the choice to heal or harm, expressing lovingly or not.

Is it possible expressing our love and care each and everyday is the simple shift that needs to take place so that people who feel lost, lonely, unsafe, dis-connected can again feel that the world they live in is one they want to live in. One that loves and confirms them for who they beautifully are. Just like we do with young children the day they are born.

In the Livingness of our own loving connection we inspire others to re-connect to love again. The love we innately are.

Suicide prevention is in the way we live in each moment.