We are all Teachers in this world !


A blog inspired by the Teachers are Gold Project

When you read the title We are all teachers in this world… you may say, ‘I’m not a teacher’ I’m a plummer, I’m a doctor, I’m a mum, a nurse, a butcher, a baker, a candle stick maker. What ever your field of work, you may or may not feel you are a teacher.

I still question what even defines being a teacher? 

Is being a teacher defined by the piece of paper you receive at the end of your education studies that grants you a teacher hat? Or is this not about hats, but what it is that allows one to feel we are all teachers, regardless of weather we hold qualifications or not. 

So for me, if someone said I was a teacher a few years back, I would have scoffed at them, despite having worked with young people in many education settings for over 11 years, along with babysitting and nannying since age 10.  With this combined experience I have been working with young people for over 20 years. So with extensive experience of working with young people, why is it that I still did not feel I was a teacher until more recently?

Simply because I held ideals and pictures around what a teacher was. For example: I did not feel I was ‘knowledgable’ enough to be a teacher,  I was not ‘worldly’ enough, I was not an extravert, my writing style was often corrected,  as the way I use punctuation and grammar and question everything rather than quote others unquestionably has given a number of academics and teachers in my life an ‘according to standards this is not how you are supposed to write… ‘ hair pulling moments.’ My mathematics skills takes some patience to say the least. At this point I had not yet been to University to study teaching, so for me the reason I worked with children was because I absolutely loved and cherished working with young people, I never gave it much further consideration back then.

“Teacher. Not me. That is for ‘smart’ people who know stuff. “

So what changed? 

How is it that I now know that I and everyone else in the world is a teacher, qualifications or not, regardless of how many years spent in a classroom,  how much knowledge one retains and can spout out when called upon, how many hours spent studying books, what geographical location lived or traveled, what religious or political stance taken and what might be on your resume’?

What or who inspired the shift, when in the past a teacher was based on all of these pictures, ideals and measures I held?

Why is it that I now know I am a brilliant teacher despite not knowing it all, having it all sorted and simply not being perfect.

Like really?

How is it that I now feel so strongly we are all teachers in this world. No matter where we work or do not work. As if we are not?! As if our classroom is not the whole world, and I mean the WHOLE world. Beyond planet earth. As if it is not?! Education does not start and stop at the school gate. How can it when we live an infinite Universe where we are forever learning in every moment from ourselves, each other, animals, nature, our environment, the world. All of it, all of the time! 

So in saying this,  if you and I are in fact teachers… what are we all teaching?

If education spans far beyond the school gate, how does this possibly change the way we see and feel about education today? 

Great questions 🙂

The game changer was questioning the difference between wisdom and knowledge. 

Pretty epic question worth asking yourself, as it invites us to consider what is my lived wisdom? And how does this differ from any amount of knowledge attained?

This is a question I can now see many of the great philosophers contemplated also. You only need to look at Plato and Socrates teachings to see those guys all those years ago were onto something with this one.

It was Socrates who said:

“Education is the kindling of a flame and not the filling of a vessel. ”

Well if this is the case Socrates…Are you suggesting we have an already in built spark for learning, for life and for education?

Wow, a flame already there within us! How incredible and amazing.

So if education is not about filling ourselves up like empty vessels…

How is the way we live in each moment and within our current education system today supporting and nurturing our inner flame to burn strong?

Is the kindling for this flame: stoking us with facts & figures, stamps & stickers, points & praise, strategies & solutions, talents & skills, certificates & recognition, competition & acceptance, grammar & corrections, sums & scores, tests and the rest?

Or is the necessary kindling: nurturing the loving, tender, precious, innocent, caring, beautiful, open hearted, clear, divine, fragile, expressive, delicate, gorgeous, joyful, playful intuitive, clairsentient, light, sensitive, innate qualities of being we are full of the day we are born.

Is our current education system honouring, nurturing and confirming ALL the precious qualities and wisdom that is already there within us each day as we grow up? 

Are we holding the essence of who we are as paramount and the absolute foundation needed to truly move forward and evolve personally and with humanity at large?

Or are we loosing this in amongst everything else, including the the boxes to tick, the reports to write, the well done for doing, achieving, ‘succeeding’ and not for simply being all that you already are, before we even learn to tie our own shoe laces.

Are we valuing our quality of being and our quality of living as everything? Or are we compromising ourselves in various ways and measures? 

If this is so… how come?

At what cost is this compromise having on our body, our health, our relationships, our life, our society and our sense of fulfilment each and everyday?

Can we see and feel the fact that our every choice, our every movement, our tone of voice, our every expression in all that we do and how we do it, can either sustain or drain how we feel? And with this awareness and understanding, can we feel the fact that we can all read how we all feel in every moment?

With this major factor, is our ability to read each other and our surroundings in every moment quite possibly a significant part of our education? One that we may not always tune into or choose to pay attention to.

If this is the case, then is it possible here lies the key to feeling we are in fact all teachers in this world?

How so?

By virtue of the fact we live and read every school subject in ourselves and each other everyday. 

For example:

We can see that there is English in how we express and communicate. There is Science is in every breath and movement… just ask our cells. We all live Health… To what degree is our choice. And we are all people learning to live and work with other people, therefor humanities is everything. We are ALL part of humanity, one gigantic expansive global community.

If we take a moment to reflect on this, on our past and present community and assess where humanity is today, what can we see and learn?  Now we have History, Philosophy, Religion, Technology, the Arts, Languages all in one.

Did we just get the sense we never finish school? That we have now returned to the student while feeling the responsibility as the teacher?!

What a humbling place to be. The forever student of life.

Have we just busted the box on education, If we perhaps felt we had ‘finished school’ or where only studying or teaching specific trades, subjects and vocations.

So ‘teach’   sorry… no symbol of an apple :).

What next? 

What is our next move going to teach?

What are we wanting to support humanity with? 

What are we choosing for todays lessons to learn and evolve from? 

And with this, I would love to take a moment to appreciate that one teacher who supported me to come to claim the fact that I am in fact a teacher. And a golden one at that!

Micheal Benhayon, ‘please step into the blog.’ 🙂  Without the wisdom you shared with me over the last few years since meeting you, it is very possible this blog would not exist. I would still be burnt out, as I was seven years ago after attempting to study primary teaching and dropping out midway through. The burn out that had me seek your health and well-being support. Who knows what life I would be living today, having not been supported by your very truthful, practical, guidance and council. You have been a true mentor to me and continue to be.

Michael through your deep understanding of the body, as a dedicated complementary health care practitioner, teamed with your immense care for people, you have been the man that has allowed me to re-connect to my spark, my flame and my golden heart. As you have supported me to understand and take care of the precious casing of my inner pilot light… as you have taught me true self care, and the fact that I am worth deeply caring for, appreciating and loving to begin.

Michael the way you live, with such an infectious joy, love and abundant vitality and clarity, you have reflected to me that life is worth committing to. It is now with this refuelled and re-inspired sense of commitment that has allowed me to fire back up, after burning out and giving up all those years ago. Now feeling there is SO much more to life than just ‘getting through it’, and ‘ticking boxes.’

The amazing thing is, in re-connecting to my spark, I returned to University and now have that ‘official’ teacher qualification. Yet now that qualification holds so much more than grades and memories of late nights studying. As I returned to study with a reinvigorated sense of purpose. A purpose that knows what leads to ‘teacher burnout.’ and I now know what it takes to not only heal and work through this, but support myself and now others to work through it and live feeling balanced and truly vital again.

Michael you are Gold

No wonder you initiated a global project revolutionising the way teachers come together called .


If it was not for the Teachers are Gold project and the TAG philosophy I am not sure I would be where I am at today. Confident to be myself equal to everything I now do and teach.

Michael you said:

“Teachers are Gold is a project to truly support and encourage all teachers in all areas of education to be strong, capable, be themselves, to have true inner and outer health, and most importantly, remember how to reconnect with the GOLD that is within their Heart.”  

And I now say… I live this way today inspired by all that is shared and inspired through the you and TAG project and collective of teachers world wide. And now as you have initiated a world first global project bringing foundational support to ALL teachers around the globe, I can only say gosh the future of education looks bright.

“Teachers are living educators, and thus, are the carriers of living wisdom” 
~ Michael Benhayon

Yes they, are.

With this quote at heart, may this be an invitation to all teachers of this world to unify for the collective purpose of seeing and living true loving education today, as we move forward appreciating all that we bring and offer, together building healthy, vibrant and collaborative school communities that are nurturing for both the students and teachers equally.

For more information on the amazing Teachers are Gold project and upcoming workshops please go to www.teachersaregold.com or contact teachersaregoldevents@gmail.com


One thought on “We are all Teachers in this world !

  1. Wow what a journey you have shared here Emilia! From burnout to vitality and purpose all inspired by Michael Benhayon and now with a project that can support all teachers to reclaim their innate wisdom, love and care for themselves and everyone else. Very inspiring!


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