I promised recently this was going to be the last long post I was to write on Facebook ūüôā As I was starting a blog. Well here is the blog and here is the post.



In this article there is a short doco of boys in China who have been sent to an army style boot camp, which is centre for young teenagers addicted to the Internet, something that is now a clinical disorder. But is it? Or have we just labelled it that. Throughout this clip, we see one of the leaders of the camp talk to the parents who attend a group session. He says “the common thing all of these kids experience is loneliness. Asking the parents if they knew that? He said they know the internet inside out but nothing about human beings. They are looking for companions and play to the point of loosing themselves.”¬† Continue reading

Who on earth is Natalie Benhayon anyway?

Meet Natalie Benhayon

Meet Natalie Benhayon, the amazing woman behind the eyes.

Wow, sitting down to write a post about the one woman who literally has inspired me beyond words, the one woman who is not only has the most power packing wise eyes going, a woman who shines not only eyes that looks like mini worlds but is the whole package, the real deal, the bomb in more ways than I can pack into one blog.

It’s funny writing this, because I keep thinking of the Spice Girls. Five women back in the 90’s took the world by storm. I happened to be a bit obsessed with them for a short period of time. Shh, don’t tell anyone. :). The spice girls burst into the world with a real zig a zig ahhh you could say, exactly, what ever that is. Yet what ever it was, was enough to appeal to millions of fans, largely young girls, adolescents and adult women, and see the group become the worlds highest selling female pop group of all time. Continue reading

Role Model or Faux Model? What is a true role model today?


In the last post about Rihanna’s new video clip, I questioned who we claim are role models today, I raised concern that many of¬†today’s¬†pop¬†singers and celebrities¬†are pinned as role models yet we do not often consider what they are actually modelling? What are the roles and responsibilities they hold as public figures given the undeniable influence they have over people of all ages across the world? I witness first hand through my own work with young people,¬†the significant influence and impact this is having in so many areas of their life.

Have we as a society really looked at our current ‘Role Models’ and asked ourselves what messages are they communicating and how is this impacting our young people today?¬† Continue reading

Words of wisdom from one generation to the next

I knew when I first started this Blog only a week ago, it was because it was getting to a point that I had so much to express I could no longer contain all that¬†I had to say to various social media forums, as my partner would chuckle to herself as soon as she saw another one of my long posts, never discouraging me, yet knowing when I said I¬†was writing a ‘comment’ it would at times turn into a blog¬†in a matter of minutes. ¬†Not such a bad thing, simply¬†time to move platforms. The following post is an exact example of this, I have re-posted it on this blog as it raises so many important points. Continue reading

If Love is apparently lost who’s responsibility is it to find it?


How is it that only a couple of days after you write your first post on a Blog called Love In Education, you are scrolling through Facebook and come across this recent article written in The Guardian, titled Love has disappeared from state education. Clearly this was going to gain my attention. ūüôā Although it is funny, because before I continued to read this article, I thought: if Love is apparently lost why don’t we simply find it? I question who has lost it? Is this the feelings of certain individuals or is there a mutual consensus that love is in fact lost in education? Where did it go if people are claiming it is lost? Has it really disappeared? Or are we simply not looking in the right places to find it?

If Love is lost how do we know?  Continue reading

Hello world! Perhaps it is appropriate to leave the wordpress text as it states. Hello world indeed!

Hello reader, 

Thank-you for taking a moment to stop and read Love in Educations first post! Woo hoo! A moment to celebrate all that Love In Education is here to learn, observe, share and write about alongside you.

Love In Education is a name that came to me without a single thought of ‘what am I going to call my blog?’ ¬†That easy! It was in a moment this morning, I felt impulsed to check out domain names, as you do, ūüôā and bang, loveineducation I typed, ¬†Love in Education available. Sold! To the super stoked buyer of a name that is going to head a blog site where no doubt an awesome global discussion¬†is about to begin.¬† Continue reading